Are you a medium?

Hello. Welcome to I am your psychic medium, Bri Clark, Brianna Clark, whatever you want to call me, just make it nice. Today I’m going to talk with you about what it’s like to be a medium. And to ask yourself are you a medium. The last blog we talked about are you a psychic, and three questions you can ask yourself. I got a lot of really good response from that, so I thought what the hell, let’s do a medium one, too.
Are you a medium, a psychic, or both? I will tell you what I was told by my mentor. She told me that psychic medium is a term that is very abused in terms of people who are both. Most people are one or the other.
But just to give you a really quick rundown, a psychic is someone who connects with angels, guides, higher beings, and medium is someone who connects with spirit. This is people who have crossed over, who are dead, or people who have chosen to remain in this realm, dimension if you will, who are no longer part of their physical bodies. That is just the very basic thing explanation according to Bri.
Now for me, what ended up happening is as a child, I was more medium than I was psychic. I lived in haunted houses, and I almost died in a haunted house at the age of 4. As I got older, which we do, we’re told oh that’s pretend, it’s time to be an adult, shut down that imagination. What ended up happening was that part of my brain that was so in tune with that side got rusty. And so as I became as an adult, I started investigating spirituality, Christianity, all these different places, that is in essence, is God. So while I had a different name for being a psychic and doing the things that I do as a psychic, I started working that muscle under the guise of a different words or a names, whatever you want to call it, and I got really really good at that part. The intuitive part.
So my psychic levels are up hi, but my mediumship muscles are down here, and I’ve actually been working on building them. So the opportunity is there if you want to be a stronger psychic or a stronger medium. You can work those muscles just like anything else. We’ll talk about that another time.
But here are three questions to consider if you think you might be a medium.
  1. Do you sense energy? Energy is everything. ( If you want really in-depth information on this please check out Bonni McCliss. She is so amazing and talented and so far beyond I can imagine in these fields. You can find her here.)But there are different vibrations of energy. For me, when I talk to guides, they’re higher up. I feel myself stretching. I feel this part of my temples and my brain engaged in an upward feeling. When I talk to spirit, I feel like a belly drop. Not like on a roller coaster, but I feel a little heavier might be a good term for it. When I come into a house, or a space, where there is spirit I feel this heaviness. But I’m going to tell you that right now. Spirits are everywhere. The difference is some of it is stronger than others, and some of us are more sensitive to it than others. So if you feel heavy, vibrationally heavy, whatever, you’re sensing an energy in that way, you’re probably a medium.
  2. Do you often feel watched or with an entourage? If you’re a medium, honey, you are never alone. The only time you’re alone is when you tell them you want to be alone because technically they cannot stay if you tell them to leave. You have to mean what you say when. you do it too. Like right now, I’ve got this one spirit named Bianca who is like an 1800’s lady’s maid. That for whatever reason she didn’t cross over. She hangs out with my daughter, Cindy. Cindy was praying and put it out to the universe she wanted more motivation in her art, in her life, and this amazing sweet, little spirit just showed up one day and was like, (to Cindy) ” Hey, quit being lazy. Hey when I was your age, I didn’t have the opportunity to use my art to help people, and you do, and you don’t need to waste that.” When Cindy’s being lazy, it’s the funniest thing, Bianca will just stand over her and watch her. If Cindy’s in the bed, and it’s noon on a break, and she should have been up hours ago contributing to her life and society, Bianca just watches her, and it drives Cindy crazy. Cindy has to tell her to stop or she’ll finally get out of bed. Spirit can be an amazing motivator if you give them a job, and really 99% of them just want to be helpful and to create value and contribute. And be acknowledged. It’s a very lonely space to be in where they are.
  3. Does your body react to energy? So when I go into a place with spirit, I feel heavy. I will have different areas in my chakras react. Like from my chest up, all my chakras engage when I’m dealing with guides, angels, psychic stuff. From my stomach Down it’s usually spirit. I have a lot of energy or feeling. Technically I’m clairaudient and clairsentient is what I am, and I’m learning to be clairvoyant. Clairaudience means that you can hear clearly what spirit or a guide is saying. Clairsentient is having a clear knowledge of vibrations and otherworldly instincts. Clairvoyant is what I’d love to work toward. It’s having a clear site beyond our 3 dimensional world. But my body reacts. My body reacts to a lot of things because I’m so in tune with that side. I work at it. I welcome it. When I hear truth or I suspect spirit, I get goosebumps. My hair stands up. My ears will itch. The back of them will itch. I’ll find myself trying to hear and not realizing it. I could be in the middle of a conversation, and all of a sudden, I’ll be looking at you, talking to you, hearing you, and then you’ll see me loose focus. And I’ll tell you what, a lot of mediums do this. I’ve seen them on TV do it. I’ve seen them in real life do it, and I’ve caught myself doing it in the middle of videos. I’ll be in the middle of recording a video, and a spirit will show up and be like hey let’s talk.

So if any of these things have happened to you, you might be a medium, and there’s a lot you can do with that, and there’s a lot you don’t need to do with that. If you find yourself in this position, and you want help. Leave a comment, send me an email, whatever it is you’ve got going on, I’m sure we could work something out, and I could help you. I started this business because I have people who helped me that coached me through this. I wanted to be able to do that for others. Have a great day, and if you found value in this video, please bookmark it, save it, like it, share it, subscribe.

Have a great day.

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