Cheap Psychic Mediums and Why I’m One of Them

As a psychic medium I start everyday with my mind like a bunch of bears dancing to a 90’s club hit. That means that I’m often grounding or meditating. That’s the catch 22 of developing intuitively. The amount of information can become overwhelming without mental building exercises in place and in practice.

I start everyday on my porch grounding and connecting with the highest energy I can reach. I try to set intentions why also being decisive in the goals I have. Even psychic mediums have free will.

Over the course of several weeks I had this feeling that I was charging too much for my services as a psychic medium. But I went back and forth over what to charge. My first set of prices were lower than my mentors’. Because, well she was a tried and true paid her dues, badass boss psychic medium. I couldn’t cost more than her? Right? Then I had an online coaching course with a lady I adore and she told me to raise my prices. That she didn’t believe any psychic who was less than $100 an hour.

So I raised them. To even higher than my mentors’. I was costing more than the woman I consider to be Super Psychic. I felt like a fraud. The energy around it was terrible. But I left it alone. That’s the thing sometimes the journey is just as important as the lesson.

Then I finally had a Groupon that I had been trying to set up for months come through. It was slow going but people started buying 30-minute and 60-minute readings. I’d wake up every morning and click the app to see who have bought another reading. Then people started cashing in their Groupons.

Every time I’d have one bought or cashed in, I just looked heavenward and said, “Please let me deliver the message they need most. Thank you for the opportunity to help.

And you know what happened. I did. Sometimes the reading can be a challenge. People are closed or you are unable to connect because of their fear. So you have to work with them. I always tell them I only receive the things that they need to hear. Nobody is out to get them. And at the end of the reading if they want they can disreguard anything I’ve said and go on. No harm no foul.

This went on for a couple weeks. I’ve been overwhelmed. And baring a ton of burdens because that’s what comes with being a me. I’m driving but don’t want to go home then I hear this loud ringing in my ear.

(That’s when an especially strong spirit wants to talk.)

So I turned down the radio and said. “What?”

The message was, “See if Terry, wants to take a break. She needs you.” (Names are changed to respect privacy.)

So I texted my friend. And she was about to go on break. I had a ton of errands but felt I needed to go see her. That’s the thing about guides they just put the idea out there. You always have fee will. So I drove to her. It took me about 10 minutes to reach her. But the flood of information was like standing under a Niagara Falls of energy. But I got what I needed. Sometimes you do that. You get spiritual downloads of information and the file just sits to the side until you need to access it. But it’s there. Waiting.

Terry walked outside just as I was pulling up. When I saw her she was smoking a cigarette shaking violently even though it wasn’t especially cold. But it was beyond that. It was like every time she shook I’d see her flicker, her energy flicker in an out. Kind of like a humming bird’s wings when they fly. She was telling me her physical problems she was having over the last few days. But with her words I could feel her distress. She’s always been a high strong energy. But today she was frazzled, overwhelmed, and in pain.

While on the outside I was calm and listening on the inside I was begging her guides to tell me how to help her. That’s when the message came through loud and clear.



I know that last one can be kind of ominous and I want to take a moment and explain that. Psychic mediums have the hardest time reading those closest to them. It’s kind of a side effect that the universe gives you so you can’t game the system and cheat yourself out of your journey or those you love’s journey.

So the 6 months means that I only have 6 months to easily connect and coach her before she moves into that friend zone. Which I’m equally thrilled and scared about. I’ve wanted to be her friend but haven’t pursued it because I felt she needed me more as a psychic than a friend at this point.

Turns out I was right. But I didn’t encourage her to work with me as much as I should have. And the main reason was money.

  • She didn’t have it.
  • And I thought I had to charge a lot to validate doing this professionally and to prove to people that I’m the real deal.

But for me, at this time, those statements are untrue.

As a marketer I have ALWAYS been underpriced and only worked for small business owners. My archetype is that as an Aggressive, Advocate, Warrior. It would make sense that I’d do that as a psychic medium too.

So I dropped my prices to the lowest they’ve ever been. Well except when I Groupon. But for now that’s where they will stay. Because while I have to make money to pay for business expenses and keep the lights on, I didn’t start this to become rich. And those that do have success financially deserve it. But at this time. In this place. That’s not the motivator for me. It’s all about being a vessel and serving others. Dead and Alive.

My friend Terry and I are slowly progressing. We get together about once every couple of weeks not necessarily for coaching but it kind of always leaks through. It’s all part of my everyday life. So while some may call me a fraud or a swindler because I’m cheaper I say ok. We weren’t meant to work together anyway. But if you are someone that’s always wanted a reading and the money has been an issue. Feel free to set up an appointment. You never know what could happen?

Bri Clark is not your everyday card reader. She is a blunt bold clear AF psychic medium that delivers you the raw truth in a loving way. Sign up for an appointment here. 

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