Empaths and What I’ve Learned

Hey y’all, Bri Clark here, Briana Clark with psychicbri.com, call me what you want, but just be nice.
I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about something that’s very close to my heart. In today’s blog post we’re going to talk about empaths and addictions.
Just a disclaimer, I am no doctor of psychology or anything along that road and what I’m offering you is just some advice based on personal experience and personal application.
So, with that being said, we’ve talked before about are you psychic, are you medium and a lot of people who have psychic abilities or are mediums will also have the addition of being an empath. And for me I am not an empath, I’m a psychic medium. I can read feelings, I can sense feelings, I can do it in a way removed where I know it’s not mine. Empaths can’t do that, it just turns into anxiety and depression. Extreme anxiety and depression. (This is not all empaths. Many learn tools and applications to harness their empathic abilities to use for amazing service opportunities for themselves and others.)
In my lifetime I’ve known probably 15 extreme empaths. These people have a lot of common denominators that I have noticed. One of them is high anxiety all the time, if the worst case scenario could be imagined, they’ve got it down. And it affects their lives. A lot of times they get on medication. They seek out medicine, Western medicine, Eastern medicine, psychological medicine, therapy. They read books, they take antidepressants. I have had anxiety and depression in my life, I’ve been on antidepressants. They served me well. At this particular time I don’t have to be on them. But I have no judgment for those that are.
So with that, the other thing that is a common denominator with the people in my life who have been empaths, are is they usually suffer from some form of an eating disorder. Such as anorexia nervosa, obesity, morbid obesity, bulimia, or an addiction to over exercise. Obese because they use food as a comfort. Again, common denominator, eating disorder, it can swing high, it can swing low, it can be one side or the other. Just a common denominator. You don’t necessarily have to have an eating disorder to be an empath and just because you have an eating disorder it doesn’t make you an empath.
Again, just my observations.
So, high anxiety, empaths in my life have had high anxiety, which will lead to depression. Or, in addition to that they have an eating disorder. When you have an eating disorder you really want to control something in your life and this is something you can control. And so it’s kind of a coping mechanism and that coping mechanism a lot of times will lead to health problems.
Another thing that the empaths that I’ve known in my life have is addiction. That addiction could be to Netflix, it could be to Facebook, it could be to prescription pills, it could be to alcohol, it could be to marijuana, it could be to pornography. It doesn’t matter, it’s just a coping mechanism that they’ve used that has turned into an addiction.
Unfortunately empaths only ever get diagnosed and help for whatever the addiction is, whatever the mental or physical part of it is. Like therapy or medicine if that’s what you choose to do. They don’t necessarily have the empath part addressed. And what I have seen is when you don’t address the empath, you’re not getting a fulfillment of treatment. Once again, I’m not a doctor, this has just been my experience and this is what we’ve done.
I have a daughter who’s an empath. I have two daughters that are empathic, but I have one that’s really, really, really good at it. And she suffered from high anxiety and depression, very high. She is so young and her brain is still developing and I am concerned putting her on antidepressants or medication without her brain being fully developed. That was my choice. So, I got her a coach who worked with her. We did hypnosis therapy, we talked to her about what an empath does. We talked to her about how when you go in a room and you see or you feel something, what does that look like, how do we deal with that? Is that my emotion or someone else’s? We showed her how she could be an empath to help other people, to use her gift in an outlet.
My daughter is very, very gifted when it comes to art. So when she uses art, when she’s drawing or she’s reading or she has an outlet for her creativity this helps focus the empathic skill. The door is always open, we’re constantly talking. She’s surrounded by support.
The whole point of this post was to just say this is what we’ve done that has really helped my daughter in the last six months. Hypnosis treatment was a big deal. Constant dialogue, how are we feeling, checking in. The use of stones, I wear my own stone combination that I found. We have tons of stones in our house. Even if you don’t believe in that, even if your like, that’s bullshit. It doesn’t matter, it’s if she believes it, if that brings her comfort. Why not try it? Theres no side effects that are negative.
Again, it’s about addressing the empath and changing the dialogue around it. This is a gift, but you gotta find an outlet for it. My mom is an empath. My mom has been through some very extreme stuff. She has overcome cancer, she’s had a double mastectomy, she’s been through chemotherapy. And she has really struggled with her being an empath, being lonely, being secluded, not being able to get out like she wants to. And I had a conversation with her the other day and I shared this message I’m sharing with you. And I said, you know, you’re an empath, you have a lot of emotion and when you feel, you feel on a level that most people can’t accomplish and that’s a blessing and a curse. But I really feel like you were better when you had a focus for that extra energy, for that nervousness, for that anxiety. And she agreed. Before cancer my mom would make candles, she cooked, she scrapbooked, she sewed, and she took really good care of my dad and their home. She’s just super creative and some of our favorite gifts are things that she’s made for us.
So just to recap, just from my own experience of being around people who are empaths and loving them and wanting to help them. Being an empath is a blessing, it is a gift. Find some way to focus the gift. And when you’re seeking treatment as an empath for anxiety and depression, go at it on all fronts. Whether that’s hypnosis therapy or therapy, journaling, medication or creative outlets. I just really feel like if you address this from where the anxiety is coming from, then you’re going to have the ability to have a much more happier, successful life.
I want you to know that I am happy to help you with this if I can. Like I said, I am no perfect person, I just have my own gifts and I want to serve. So if you ever want to set up an appointment, please feel free to go to my appointment settings, let’s talk. Have a great day, no have an absolutely fabulous day.

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2 thoughts on “Empaths and What I’ve Learned”

  1. I just wanted to add that your daughters are extremely lucky that you know what empaths are, recognize that they are empathetic and can work to help them. I was almost twenty before I got the most basic and limited explanations, and it was several more years before I heard the term empath and began (SLOWLY) learning that is what I am. I am still poorly trained, and it still has consequences that I am not always good at controlling, however, just knowing that my emotions are entangled with someone else’s has helped me. I seem to empathize most clearly with people at a distance, often ones I don’t know well, and that does add a layer of complication and often frustration.

    I like your observation about art and creativity, I had not made the association between funnelling off excess emotion and creating but I think you are right and it is probably a valid safety valve that more empaths need to learn how to engage.

    Thank you for simply discussing this, having it out there for people to learn about matters a lot! Because my teens would have been very different if someone, anyone had been able to enlighten me as to why I was feeling what I felt!

    Bright Blessings on you and your family!

    1. I’m so sorry that I have just now found this comment. Pleaseforgive my delayed response. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this and comment. It makes me feel so happy to be a service.

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