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In case you’re wandering I’m the “asshole psychic.” I’ve been called this numerous times over the last few months. Mostly by those that either want me to “prove” myself or those who want to ask a “real quick question.”

Mostly they come through via social media. But lately they’ve gone the extra mile and called my phone.

Like Today.

I answered and politely instructed them to go to my website and set up an appointment.

“Yeah I’ll do that but just one more real quick question.”

I politely but firmly referred them to the site. I’m an asshole.

Here’s the deal y’all. I don’t have this appointment system in place because I’m making the big bucks. Or because I am only after money.

What happens is, for me, when you schedule an appointment with me you signal to the universe that I am an approved messenger and that you are ready willing and able to accept my message.

If we haven’t done something to clarify this then I will not read you, your friend, or your cat. I’m not saying I can’t. I’m saying I won’t.

And just so I’m being fully transparent I used to be that person who’d ask my friends a “real quick question.” I’m sorry. I hope I was never that obnoxious. And I’m not saying my friends can’t do that. Just don’t be that person all the time. A girl needs her tribe.

Bri Clark is not your everyday card reader. She is a blunt bold clear AF psychic medium that delivers you the raw truth in a loving way. Sign up for an appointment here. 

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