How To Love Yourself

    Hello, and welcome to I’m your resident psychic medium, Bri Clark. Call me what you want, just make sure it’s nice. It’s February, and we’re being inundated with love and pairing off and pink and red and passion and sex and commercial pairing off and Valentines, and it can be overwhelming. I’m overwhelmed, and I’m married, and I’ve been married for 18 years.
   My guides were like, “I need you to do a series of videos. These are the things we want you to blog on. This is what people need to hear.” Here I am, baring my soul, and putting myself out there. I hope that if this resonates with you, that you will reach out to me whether in a comment or in a message, and let me know if this has helped you.
    In today’s post we’re going to talk about how to start loving yourself so others can love you. Believe it or not, as sassy and successful and happy and positive I may seem, I struggle with self esteem. I struggled with self esteem a lot when I was younger, as a teenager. I have suffered so much rejection in my life in numerous ways, and we’ll get into those stories in other videos. When you suffer that kind of rejection at such a young age and so many times from people who were in positions of authority, it can become very traumatic. It can really mess with you. Today I’m going to give you an exercise to do, and you can choose to do it, or you can choose not to do it. Most people who look at me and say, “That’s stupid. I’m not going to do it,” they probably don’t need it. It wouldn’t work for them anyways because they don’t want to give it a try.
If you say that and you still give it a try, and nothing happens, you’re not hurt. There’s no cause and effect of negativity. When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, nothing changes. What you’re going to do is you are going to either contact me, and I will get you what you need, or you can go to your local store that has, rocks, stones, or a new age store, whatever it is, and you are going to get one of these. This is rose quartz. Rose quartz is one of the most powerful love stones you will ever encounter. Specifically, rose quartz supports the heart in all ways, easing emotional stress or regulating the physical effects of stress such as panic attacks. Eases anxiety and fear, bringing the warmth of compassion and unconditional love to the system. Bathes the whole body with the healing ray of love. Encourages and awakens an appreciation of beauty. It is also said to increase fertility.
This is my little crystal bible. You’ll notice I have lots of really fun bookmarks. So you are going to get you some rose quartz. You know what you’re going to do with this rose quartz? You’re going to wear it. If you’re a woman, stick it in your bra. If you don’t want to do that, stick it in your pocket. If you can find a piece of jewelry, put it on a necklace. Put it on some thread, whatever. Wear it in a ring. This is my amethyst. This is my sapphire. This is my rose gold with diamonds. I mean, I lather myself in whatever I need that day. What you’re going to do is you’re going to get you some rose quartz. It can be polished, it can be raw, whatever. I want you to make sure it’s authentic rose quartz. We’re talking like this is from the earth rose quartz. You’re going to take it. You’re going to claim it as your own, and you’re going to put your hand on it.
Make sure it’s in your aura field.
Every month, you are going to take this and you are going to set it out on the full moon. You’re going to let it be in the full moon and that’s what charges it. There’s lot of different ways to charge crystals. This is just the one I like to do. It serves me well. You can look them up, do whatever you want, but all you’re going to do is you’re going wear this. When you get this stone and you’re wearing it, and you’ve claimed it as your own, this is my rose quartz. You’re going to look at the rose quartz and you’re going to say, “Help me love myself.” That’s all it’s going to do. 
What happens is you start noticing things in your personality. You’ll notice in your language. You’ll notice it in the way you carry yourself. You’ll notice in what you notice about yourself. You know what? I’m going to put some makeup on today. I don’t normally wear makeup, but I’m going to wear some today. You know those earrings that I never wear because I never have anywhere “perfect” to wear them to? I’m just going to wear them around my house. What ends up happening is when we start to love ourselves, we start to realize we are worthy of being exceptional. We’re worthy of the things that we place value on. That’s what happens when we start to love ourselves, and it’s going to work for you.
All I want you to do is get some rose quartz, claim it as your own, make sure it’s authentic, and wear it. Use it, put it in your pocket. Sleep with it under your pillow. Keep it on you as much as possible, recharge it under the full moon, or whatever you look up and you decide to use, and give it a purpose. Rose quartz help me love myself. I name my rocks. I have one rock that I love. Love, love, love. Where’s he at? Oh, he’s over here. This Petey Pyrite. Petey Pyrite. I got this at a stone store in downtown Nashville, and I’ve never been attracted to a piece of rock as much as I was attracted to  Petey Pyrite.
I actually tried to let one of my friends use him one day. She picked him up and and he stunned her, like a static shock. She’s a psychic medium, and she’s like, “Okay, I don’t know if you know this, but you’re not supposed to share stones, or you need to get permission.” She’s like, “That pyrite loves you. Right?” I’m like, “Yes, he does, and I love him too.”
To Recap.
  • Rose quartz, claim it as your own.
  • Charge it in the full moon, give it a job. “Rose quartz help me love myself”
  • Keep the stone on you.

And that is the first step to building some confidence and having some self love. Stay tuned for next week when we get really deep and dirty. Well, not dirty, but deep for me and vulnerable when I talk about what it’s like to be rejected numerous times and how I overcame them. Have a great day.

If you want a one-on-one consultation, or if you need help getting rose quartz, leave me a message or connect with me on social media, leave a comment on the blog, whatever you need to do. I’m here for you. I want to help you be your best self. You’re here for a reason, and it’s my opportunity to help you figure out what that is. Have a great day, you all. Bye.
Bri Clark is not your everyday card reader. She is a blunt bold clear AF psychic medium that delivers you the raw truth in a loving way. Sign up for an appointment here. 

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