Physical Side Effects of Awakened Intuition

When I first realized I could talk to Spirit I can pinpoint it back to a moment. My intuitive abilities were already pretty on point when it came to gut feelings and inspiration about my problems and other peoples. I’ve always been that person who people go to for advice.

But then one day I sat on my porch and just said, “Bring it. Give me all you got. I can take it!”

Well I couldn’t and that is not the way to handle it!

At the time I was going through terrible physical infirmities as well. A botched thyroid surgery, a recent car wreck, couldn’t stabilize my calcium, thyroid hormones, or my electrolytes. Now over two years later I look back and see that this was all connected. Which is why I wanted to write this post.

Here are three examples I have experienced personally about physical problems and intuition. 

  1. It is not uncommon for people who are actively learning how to exercise intuitive abilities to develop physical problems and or discover health problems. Some may have been dormant or were being ignored.
  2. People who discover physical problems, illness, disease etc. may begin to notice intuitive gifts developing.
  3. People who knowingly and actively engage their sixth sense abilities that don’t take care of themselves and create balance can have physical and mental side effects.

I’m going to tackle each of these issues and what I mean by sharing my own experience.

  1. When I started to actively use my psychic and medium abilities I didn’t have support system or a plan. When that happened health problems that were there but only showed up here and there got worse. And I could no longer ignore them and was forced to take action to heal my body. That’s the thing. Your body, mind and soul are connected. When they are out of balance there are side effects. Our body is a vessel that houses an immortal, divinely created being. It requires optimum performance conditions.


  1. There is a gal that I met about a year ago. The first time I met she was like an eclipse. There was all this light was being blocked by a large, dark cloud of negativity. She suffers from a lifelong disease that causes her daily pain. She’s a mother and companion. She works and takes care of a young family and extended family. Since we’ve met she’s peppered me with questions. And has been receptive to my ideas. She went from having terrible dreams about her worst case scenario to looking for the blessings around her every day. She doesn’t realize how much she’s changed. Her energy is no longer heavy but positive and light. Since she’s tried some of the exercises I suggested she has taken an active role in taking over her pain management. While figuring that out she had some challenges, but I think each step back ends up having three steps forward. She made a comment recently a friend, who I know to be someone who is very negative, wasn’t hanging around anymore. It wasn’t until I started writing this that I remembered that when we become more positive, and lighter negative people either have to change to be around us or leave.


  1. I am a practicing psychic medium. That means I used my intuition like it’s breath. I had mentors from this side to the other. And they all told me to create and maintain a routine maintenance plan. Daily meditation, optimum health, and an outlet for my creativity. Seems easy right? Well I’ve never learned by being told. I’m an Aries like that. For the past month, my stress has increased, and I have not maintained my maintenance. In fact I went back to bad habits like smoking and drinking a little. What do you think happened? Yep every ailment I have went haywire. Insomnia, moodiness, cramps, anger, anxiety, depression, low calcium, body pains, muscle spasms, weight gain, tiredness, vertigo, teeth hurting, etc. The list goes on and on. For three weeks, I was warned. But it wasn’t until I went through a 24 hour waking spell that I realized the lesson. If you are actively connecting to the divine and you are taking care of your mind, body, and soul. It will get out of balance. So I’ve reset and recommitted to my maintenance plan. Which is a great thing to do during a Mercury Retrodgrade.


Please consider these words from a place of , “How can I relate to this?” Or “Does that speak to me?” It’s not that all experiences are the same it’s that we can all learn from each other.

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