PSA for you Writer: Here’s the True Measure of Success

Hey guys. Bri Clark here with a message for you, writer, author, creator. I have numerous, numerous friends who are USA Today Best Sellers, whose books have been turned into movies, who have graced the stages of Ted Talks and California Women’s Conference. I have several people who are friends, and colleagues, and former clients who have been on TV, and I only say that because I saw a common denominator in all of them. Once they have technically made it, they started feeling all this pressure to produce, to continue to be successful and make money. And it actually stunted them from riding the wave and the energy of their success into their next success, because the pressure that came that wasn’t there before, because they were just producing. They are able to access the channel of creativity without any kind of pressure. 
Now, this is very hard to grapple with, but I was having a conversation today with a really good friend of mine who’s in the publishing industry, and she asked me how did I measure my success as an author. Now that I am picking this hat back up again. This was a question I had already asked myself. And I said, “I’m a writer. Yeah, I’m a published author. I write blogs. I write journals. I write Facebook posts. I write all the fucking time. I am a writer above all other things. And, every book I write, every blog post I write, and every video I do is a success, because I thought it. I created it. I polished it as best I could, and I put it out there for people to partake of.”
And you, writer, you did the same damn thing. You wrote that novel. You created that marketing system. You created that app. You wrote that series. Whatever you did, you did it. You fucking did it. I cannot tell you how much that means to me and the universe, because you know what, no one can create anything like you can. You have a unique voice and a unique relationship with the world around you, and the way you interpret it, and the way you put it back out there. And I fucking love you for it!
There is going to be someone, or lots of someones, it doesn’t matter, that’s gonna come out, and they’re gonna read that blog post, watch that video, or read that novel, and it is going to resinate with them deep down inside. And it’s going to change their fucking life. It’s going to make them do what they’ve always been meant to do, or it’s going to heal an open sore that time has not been able to touch. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what it was. It doesn’t matter what it was about. It doesn’t matter how long ago you wrote it.
What you need to hear from me, that I am delivering to you from the universe, is that you are needed. You are valued, and you are already successful, because you created it, and you put it out there. And it’s gonna be there for all of us to see, and all of us to partake. Whether it’s in digital, print, doesn’t matter. You wrote it. It’s out there. We need it.
Thank you, more please.
This is a powerful statement that I learned reading a book by Bonni McCliss called “The Other Side of Normal.” Bonni McCliss says when you talk to the universe, you talk to God, something amazing happens. You humble yourself. You open yourself up, and you say, “Thank you, more please.” I am a reader. You can’t be a writer without being a reader.  And I’m looking at you, author. I’m looking at you, writer, and I’m saying, “Thank you., more please.” Keep writing. Don’t stop. We need you. I know it’s hard. I know it’s expensive, and I buy every book I can. I read it. I review it. Please don’t stop.
Thank you, more please.
Thank you, more please. Do not stop writing. This is a PSA from your loving, psychic medium writer from the universe saying, “You, writer, you, author, you, creator don’t stop. Thank you, more please. We need you!”
Now get back to work.

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