Psychic Nightmares

We’ve all had nightmares. It’s that worst case scenario that plays over and over in our mind that we do the best we can to not consider in our waking time. Then there are the fears that hide in our minds. Because we are human and we love and when you love you worry. There are all kinds of nightmares and dreams.

But for those of us with “gifts” those dreams can be frankly overwhelming. You may know you’re an intuitive, you may not. You may be someone who just has a knack for having dreams that come true however you organize it the fact of the matter is you don’t know what to do with the information when it comes.

I’ve had my own intense experience with dreams and with those experiences I find myself in a position to share the research and experience I have had.

Warnings: The thing about guides is they are a metaphorical sort. Often times your dream is not the literal meaning that you are suspecting. But don’t just discard the dream. If you find yourself coming back to it after you wake up for hours, days and weeks. You need to write that shit down. Keep a journal. Write down everything that comes off the top of your head. Set it down, document it, and ask your guides to bring you back to it when you need it. If you don’t do this and the dream keeps coming back and it doesn’t change in anyway, unfortunately it might be literal. If that’s the case investigate. Get a reading, talk to a friend, take this warning and apply it. You need to trust you guides with your life. Because they

are on your team. They love in ways only your soul remembers.

Crazy Dreams: These are the dreams where people you know do things that you could never imagine in real life. Like the preacher invites the cat to lead the choir in a rendition of Amazing Grace and everyone does varying tones of meowing. While they seem funny now in the dream you are stuck not knowing if your meow is a soprano or a alto and you wake up freaked out. Then you spend yourself coming back to it. Here’s the measure if you can’t shake the dream it’s time to write it down. Then try and analyze it. Take each part and think to yourself what does that mean to me? This is a classic metaphorical dream. For example, this dream actually happened to me. I was due to speak at an event that was out of my comfort zone. And I wasn’t dealing with the fear. I was burying it. In the end I found out that my dream was how the even coordinator had picked me, an out of the usual speaker, to come in and shake things up. And guess what t! I had the audience “meowing” with me by the end of the event.

Not Guide Given: Here’s the thing. Were all energy. Just varying embodiments. So when something happens that causes large amounts of emotion, positive or negative, it puts a sort of energetic mark into the world. For example, if you live near where a wedding venue and there are constant activity around love and union you might have dreams about love and such. At the same time if a tragic shooting or fire happens and people lose their lives in a way that it terrible you might have nightmares about those events. If that’s the case you might be thinking well do I move? Or what am I supposed to do with that information? The answer is no. You can stay wherever you want. And when you receive those dreams you can send love and light and empathy to the cosmos. If these things happen more often than you like there are ways to protect your sleeping self. But that’s a whole other post.

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