Purpose and Accountability: How a Mercury Retrograde Help Me Save my Business

My husband and I own a small business providing property maintenance and rent ready services to rentals in middle Tennessee, called C&C Maintenance and Home Repair. While we have been in construction for decades and actually did these types of services in Idaho for almost ten years we only launched here in Tennessee in February of 2018. So as any entrepreneurs would know we are in the infancy of our business. Which means we have a lot of learning to do.

While the hubs and I have always been a team we’ve never fully partnered in a business together as equals. Which means we work our butts off and we make the least amount of money. And while that’s to be expected sometimes in the beginning. It’s not any kind of long term strategy.

As lifelong entrepreneurs we know that.

But in addition to partnering with my husband I’m a psychic medium. So my balance of intuitive thinking and experience sometimes get out of balance. For example, when we first started my husband went to all the jobs, bid them out, then showed me the final number. If I didn’t like it, or feel it was right we messed with it until it was right. And we mostly won those jobs and made profits.

Then my husband got busy doing service calls and couldn’t get to the jobs we bid. So like any good partner I stepped up and showed up. Let me be very clear here. I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t. But I’m reminded of an article I read recently in Entrepreneur Magazine. It was in the editor’s note by Jason Feifer. He was at a luncheon with CEOs that used to intimidate him in the past and one of those top earners and business leader’s confirmed fears Jason was gallant enough to share, We’re all this making it up as we go.

So with that in mind in addition to the fact I rely heavily on my guides and intuitive abilities I’m giving myself grace and giving the universe gratitude for showing me some ugly truth on my most recent job.

During a Mercury Retrograde you can’t ignore what you’ve been putting off.

If you’re an alcoholic you will be forced to show what you’ve been hiding from your family.

If you have terrible health and have ignored the warnings they will escalate.

If you are a cheat you will get caught.

If you are not making money in your business, and hurting yourself you will be made to see.

I recently had a little rent ready with a budget of $6000. Because my Aries hot headed in a hurry self, and the fact I’m inexperienced, and the fact we are using subs for the first time, all culminated together to create a beautiful new rental in downtown Nashville.

Where I made $56 profit.

If I do an hourly wage for my husband and I that’s like pennies an hour.

And while part of me wanted to yell and argue at the owner, or the property manager, or the cost of supplies really at the end of the day it’s my fault. I got in a hurry. I didn’t do the math. I didn’t do the detailed work.

But this is where I’m grateful to Mercury Retrodgrade. Because it showed me what I needed to do different. Forced me to address this with my husband and apply changes to our procedures and policies.

Do I know my solutions?

Of course not.

Will I continue to figure it out and fumble along?


But I’ll also read, and learn, and ask questions and teach myself as I go. And listen to my guides and mentors. Because I’m building a family business with my husband. There’s no better place to learn and invest.

Are you figuring anything out in your life? Maybe your guides have some insights they can share with you. Maybe I can help…

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