What I Learned from a Car Wreck Once

When you see a man’s bone sticking out of his leg and his girlfriend frantically trying to comfort him it makes your petty life frustrations kind of insignificant. On the way home from Nashville I was feeling particularly self-righteous about life. I was frustrated with my husband, my kids, my business and life in general. When I see a woman parked on the side of the road with her flashers on. Then I look at what she’s looking at and I see a wrecked car with a man on the truck and a woman propping his leg up on her shoulder.

There was a voice inside me that said go back. I didn’t argue I didn’t think I quickly turned the car around. Pulled off in the safest way possible, turned on my flashers and ran to the scene. The lady I initially saw said she had already called 911. But I hadn’t heard sirens, so I just went with my gut.

My youngest daughter didn’t listen and stay in the car as I instructed she was right behind me. I introduced myself and did an assessment of his injuries. I knew that I had clean white towels, an icepack, and some water in my truck. With my daughter’s help I flushed out the wounds, made a bandage that put pressure on the largest open cuts and wrapped two towels around the ice pack and laid it on his leg injury.

I don’t share this information for accolades or to show what a great person I am. I share it for two reasons.

  1. I have no formal training in first aide. I was briefly in the National Guard before being discharged. But I never went to basic training. I did drill for less than a year and went to a pretraing camp called Rep63 training. But that was over 20 years ago and I have no ability to say I remember any EMT or wound care training. The EMT that came on the scene said I’d done actually really well before I quietly back away and eventually left. I share this with you because I 100% believe that we all have a team of support that whisper in our ear when we need help the most. On that day I know I received inspiration and knowledge that I needed most.
  2. We have choice. It is the greatest gift that God, our Creator, bestowed upon us second only to life. We come from a being of infinite love who allows us choice but is also so powerful, smart, and benevolent that he still uses our choices to fulfill a master plan. For example, if I wouldn’t have chosen to just bring my daughters home early and come back to Nashville after telling myself I would not do that over and over. I would have never had the opportunity to serve those unfortunate accident victims.

I invite you to take the time to see when timing and free will collide in your life. Because when they do it creates a feeling of cosmic symmetry that we are often to busy to take the time to see and appreciate. But for a few hours on a frustrating work day I saw this dance.

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