When Your Dead Grandma Pops Up on Your Front Porch and Wants to be Your Life Coach

Good morning. I am Briana Clark, and this is Coffee and Spirits. This is a YouTube channel where I talk about being a physic medium on my porch while drinking coffee and sharing the experiences I’ve had as a physic medium.
I’m going to share with you when my great-great-grandmother who I never met in the flesh, decided to show up and be my life coach. My mother is 50, and she’s going through a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. My dad’s taking care of her, she had a very aggressive breast cancer.
My great-great-grandmother actually died from unknown causes when she was in her 30s. Her daughter was only eight years old when she died. The life expectancy of the women in my family tends to be a crapshoot. I, at 35, am pretty like, kind of freaking out because I had a thyroidectomy already, I have no parathyroids, which means I can’t process calcium, and now I’m having liver and gallbladder issues. All this health stuff is going on. My mom is sick, and I’m just trying to figure it out. So to say I’m overwhelmed and afraid is an understatement.
I start having these thoughts dropping in my head that are not normally my thoughts. For example, I’m working on a presentation for a marketing campaign, and I start thinking about how my floor hasn’t been mopped in six months. Or a lady wearing red lipstick is a trallop. I do not think like that. Those are not my words. Most definitely not my words. I’m like, what the hell?
This is not Mammie. We have no photos of her. But this is a photo that really stood out to me of what I have gotten to know seeing her in the afterlife. Hardworking, but beautiful from this time period. This is a photo of farm worker Florence Thompson with several of her children in a photograph taken in 1936 during the Great Depression and known as “Migrant Mother.”
This goes on for three or four days. Then one day I go out on my porch. My front porch is like my haven. This is where I go. I have all my plants out here. It’s really beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s across from a beautiful pond. There’s rocking chairs. There’s a swing. I’m in the country. This is where I go to meditate, drink my coffee, gather my thoughts and talk to God or Spirit.
I’m out there meditating and all of the sudden, this presence is in front of me. I was sitting on the swing. Then I get this name. Side note Names are really hard to get right because they just are. They are for me, at least. Finally, I figure out it’s my great-great-grandmother, Robert Ellen. Whose actual graveyard I’m supposed to go to that day. The pieces finally come together, and she’s like, “I’m so sick of the women in our family having these preventable health problems. I’m so tired of them not taking care of themselves and putting others’ needs and health and wants above their own, and I’m done.”
It turns out, she’s kind of been going around the women in our family when we’re at our hardest and just really trying to be a cheerleader and  trying to motivate us to take care of ourselves. She’s like, “Guess what? Your mom’s too sick to be your mother, but I’m not, and you can hear me. So you better listen.”
Instead of it being an influence in a way of guiding them to commercials or trying to get them to look at an article online about their particular problem, I’ve actually got her chattering in my ear all day, every day. She says things like, “A lady wears earrings. Red lipstick is for trollops. I can’t believe you’re shooting YouTube video looking like you just got out of bed,” because I really did because that’s what you do when you drink coffee and you sit on the porch.
She says things like, “Your husband should have dinner waiting for him when he gets home.” It’s 2017, Mammie, calm down, but for the most part, it’s really interesting to have a life coach as a dead great-grandmother because she says things like, “It’s 12:00. Have you taken this medication? Have you taken this supplement? Don’t you think you should go to bed? Should you really be drinking a cup of coffee at 6:00 at night? Your heart’s racing because you had that second cup of coffee. Your children are spoiled brats. They don’t even know how to keep a house.” You’re right, Mammie. For every 10 really, really great suggestions, I have like two that are like, hmm, not going to do that. Here’s to you, Mammie. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me stay alive. 
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4 thoughts on “When Your Dead Grandma Pops Up on Your Front Porch and Wants to be Your Life Coach”

  1. I clicked through after seeing your post on #MondayBlogs Really fascinating post! Your mammie would find me apalling; bright red lipstick rocks my world – lol!

    I haven’t had any loved ones show up at my house that I’m aware of… but I’ve had some unusual experiences. I think it’s really interesting, too, that a relative you never met while she was living is the one who chose to show up in your life.

    Have you ever been on the Haunt Jaunts radio show? I think you’d be a great guest. I’m gonna pass this link along to, Courtney, that show’s host.

    Anyway, it’s lovely to meet you. I enjoyed your post. I’ll be back!

    1. Thank you so much. I would love to hear more about the Haunt Jaunts! I’m going to Google it. It sounds fun. Yes I was equally blessed and challenged. My mentor used to always say that Spirit is easier to deal with than family. Now I know she’s right. I also love red lipstick. LOL

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